Animal Feed Production:

AGEN’s system is designed to produce about 6 tons per hour of 15-25% protein rich dry animal feed for dairy cows, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses to a variety of off-takers. This high-quality commodity can be bagged and stored like typical feeds. As example, the Dominican Republic presently imports over 180 million dollars (USD) a year in animal feed equating to 1,120,000 tons.

Fertilizer Production & Soil Restoration:

AGEN’s high quality organic & mineral-rich fertilizer from its proprietary process of using selected Biomass waste, wood plus the mix of organic aggregate materials some organics blended nitrates include activated carbon and Biochar. All this will result in better yields and faster growing plants for AGEN’s targeted customers of local vegetable & fruit farmers and greenhouse businesses. In addition, AGEN will produce and sell a Biochar for Soil Restoration. Again, using the Dominican Republic as an example, presently they import over 300 million dollars a year in fertilizers.

Greenhouse Food Sales:

AGEN greenhouse operations, will start with a 35’ x 200’ basic greenhouse to show proof of concept of reduced costs and helping with near zero CO2 emissions.  AGEN’s greenhouse operations will grow and sell high demand food crops by using the power plants waste heat, its waste stack emissions of CO2, and the mineral rich boiler wastewater from the power plant along with our organic fertilizer blend to improve food crop yields. AGEN’s food crop sales will be for local farmers and markets. In addition, In the future AGEN will offer long-term renting/ leasing areas of the greenhouse as an option to farmers and/or florists.