“AGEN’s “Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Initiative.”

The Goal of AGEN’s Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Initiative is to improve the health of our planet and its population by using our advanced technology’s and improved the trash collection management systems. AGEN will incorporate an advanced processing facility for the transformation of MSW, biomass waste, waste oils, sewage, tires, and food waste. AGEN’s Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Initiative will reverse many of the negative effects caused by trash on the local land, air, and water supply while improving the standards of living of the local inhabitants while protecting the environment and preserving their eco-tourism.

The benefits of AGEN’s Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Initiative are numerous. First the initiative will produce a processing plant that will transform the landfill commercially valuable products into; electricity, fertilizers, food, water, medical oxygen, and animal feed as well as “Green Hydrogen Energy” that will benefit the local economy and create economic opportunities.

We all are witnessing that many governments and industries are trying to make rapid changes to the reduction of Greenhouse Emissions and polluting soot particulates by adapting electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Both electric and hydrogen technologies offer exceptionally clean and less costly to operate modes of transportation. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and trucks need affordable hydrogen while Electric powered vehicles (EV’s) need affordable electricity; both of which AGEN could provide at below market rates!

AGEN’s low-cost Green Renewable Energy Platform with its proprietary processes and patented equipment is structured to have an ROI under 5 years. AGEN will produce a regular supply of high-quality animal feed, water, hydrogen, and organic fertilizers to sustain the local economy of developing countries at a fraction of the normal market cost.


Below: ( Left) heating oil with 40% less heat than (Right) same volume but from biomass waste blended oils.


AGEN’s team of professionals are passionate to invest in the turn-around of any negative coal or oil-fired burning power-plant environment or lack of reliability and high costs issues. That is why we are introducing our Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Expansion Initiative

Regards to Agriculture; our initiative will utilize the power-generation plant’s different wastes (heat, ash, pollutants and water) to reshape the local agriculture. One strategy is to increase yields and extend growing seasons by utilizing greenhouses. The greenhouses would get warmed by the heat from the power-plants and would have their soils enriched and fertilizers by the compounds that AGEN stripped away from the smoke-stacks, ash piles, and boilers’ waste-water. These nutrients, fertilizers and new clean water supplies will be a major benefit for the local farmers to advance their crop yields. 

Regards to Energy; our initiative will increase an electric power-plant output and reliability, while decreasing its operating cost and harmful air emissions, wastewater and ash. One special benefit of using a higher efficient multi-fueled power-generation planet is that the operator is less dependent on any one fuel or provider as well as being more insulated from fuel price increases since the operator can switch.

Regards to MSW ; Recycling tires, plastics, and waste oils……Tipping fees and contractual agreement: AGEN will receive income for receiving most destined landfill materials as many municipalities and landfill business owners are searching for ways to get longer life from landfills. AGEN offers the best solution to this problem. Because many landfills do not like taking certain type of waste because of health issues to people and the environment, AGEN offers a solution to this problem. Most materials like: plastics, (bags, water, laundry and milk bottles) waste oils, (cooking oils and auto/truck oils) and other waste, (railroad ties, large tree trunks and tires-both car and trucks); all of which produce high energy when being recycled and repurposed into clean useful energy needed at AGEN’s facility.

Regards to Green Energy; Hydrogen Production: AGEN has the potential to start with a 300kg/day hydrogen fuel generation system. AGEN’s renewable sources will allow it to be labeled “GREEN Hydrogen”. Our Hydrogen fuel product will be sold to a fueling station platform for both our hydrogen fuel-cell fleet of trucks and to other customers in the area. AGEN’s hydrogen fuel cell powered green vechiles will have about 60% less operating costs than traditional diesel trucking while having zero greenhous emissions.


Plant Duplication: Endless opportunities for AGEN’s “Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Initiative.