AGEN welcomes John Diosa, of Colombia as VP Director of International Development


John Diosa has 20 years of experience in a verity of waste to energy projects both international and regional  that promote environmental solutions that are economically sustainable. His expertise and performance are finding solutions by converting trash-waste and contaminants of landfills to convert these wasted energy sources and materials to be economically sustainable.

John will also lead the sales of the new AGEN Phoenix Micro-Grid with Clean-water module system. The self-sustaining “AGEN Phoenix ReEnergy Water Unit ” modular unit will create power when there is none and offer lower cost of energy with better-quality drinking water management solutions. This system would allow the local community or business to be more sustainable by using its waste-oil products by incorporating them to power the AGEN Phoenix ReEnergy Water Unit. This different type of  GREEN SOLUTION  product with over 175kW of electrical power and more than 250 gallons per hour of clean drinking water, 500 gph of process water pumping systems and with solar energy battery storage, all in most cases less than 6 cents per kW,  including the filtered water !

John’s achievements demonstrate a unique talent to connect many communities’ leaders and business professionals to help make a positively impact for the environment, economy, and the health of local people.

With John’s vast experience and technical skills, AGEN will benefit in international projects throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and help solidify some contacts in Africa and India.